Disconnect Continues Between Mobile Advertising Goals and Campaign Execution

Millennial Media’s latest SMART report indicates that there continues to be a number of disconnects between advertiser goals and execution on mobile campaigns.

When asked what their primary advertising goal was 22% of advertisers indicated lead generation/registrations yet only 15% of ads took users to a custom landing page versus 56% of ads driving traffic to the main website.

To be most effective lead generation campaigns typically require the testing of multiple custom landing pages with different look and copy mixes. Rarely do standard website pages work as effective lead generation landing pages, particularly on mobile devices with their smaller viewing areas.

Surprisingly only 29% of ads had an app download page as its destination URL yet post click activity was dominated by app downloads at 40%.

Interestingly despite only 7% of advertisers citing driving foot traffic  as the primary goal, local activity in aggregate dominated post click actions – 23% of ad clickers sought store location info, 22% viewed a map, and 20% viewed info on a retail promotion. Additionally 23% of post click activity included placing a call.

In broader terms only 40% of all ad campaigns targeted specific audiences. Of those targeted campaigns 66% focused on location targeting with only 34% incorporating demographic and behavioral factors.

Although the results are only for activity on the Millennial Media ad network we see similar issues across most of the other ad networks. Most mobile advertisers are not taking advantage of the unique opportunities that mobile advertising presents and as result most mobile campaigns do not reach their full potential.

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